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I’m Mel. I’ve worked in PR for years.

I would spend hours constructing a media release and bcc: it to my entire media database. Sound familiar?

I hated doing it.  I felt desperate and annoying.  Plus, it would rarely get a bite, let alone covered by the media I was after.

I set out to change that. I went straight to the source. Journalists and editors who I wanted to pick up my pitch. I asked them, ‘what makes a story stand out?’ and ‘do you even open my media release, let alone read it?’

Answer: Generally no.

I received pearls of insider wisdom that I implemented into my pitch. Immediately I personalised my approach and had fun with the art of storytelling. Heck, I even started to enjoy PR again.

Instantly I saw greater engagement with journos and my pitches were getting picked up!

This PR Guide // Are you doing it right? is to help you nail the basics and to stop wasting time on the fluff.

Lets get your story told.

Mel Jansen

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